January 19, 2018 / Comments: 0

What is a Regular Expression? (Regex)

What are Regular Expressions? (Regex) Sooner or later, anyone using programming language or languages on a regular basis will come across regular expressions, either out of necessity or out of interest. Looking at it for the first time, it might seem like a bunch of randomly scattered characters that make no sense whatsoever. Which points to the question what...

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October 20, 2017 / Comments: 0

How to make a keyword density tool using Python?

Basic free keyword density checker (SEO tool) Today we are going to take a look at how to create a basic keyword density tool using Python that you'll be able to use whenever desired. Only requirement is to have Python 3+ installed on your machine. Here are some of the features of the tool: - Reads the content from a text file - Trims all the special signs and...

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September 14, 2017 / Comments: 0

How to connect to MYSQL database?

How to connect to MYSQL database? This tutorial will contain information about how to connect to MYSQL database using different programming languages and different techniques. In the first part, we will take a look at PHP mysqli, both procedural and object-oriented programming(OOP) methods and PDO(OOP only) and its prepared statements. In the second part, we'll...

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