October 13, 2017 / Comments: 0

Shell script - PHP and MYSQL login system addendum

Shell script to keep tabs on MYSQL database In previous post, we've taken a closer look at how to create PHP and MYSQL login system that collects attempt and ban data and compares a user's IP against it to see whether the IP is banned or not. While the system works like it is supposed to, the data collected in the login_attempts and login_banned tables becomes...

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October 6, 2017 / Comments: 0

Shell script to check for any changes in folders

How to make a shell script to check for file changes Anyone concerned with security of their sites might find this useful. We will discuss how to make a script that will be run by cron periodically and send an email, if any file changes have been observed in the specific folders. This is a good way to monitor files and activity on your server. So, to get started,...

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September 14, 2017 / Comments: 0

How to connect to MYSQL database?

How to connect to MYSQL database? This tutorial will contain information about how to connect to MYSQL database using different programming languages and different techniques. In the first part, we will take a look at PHP mysqli, both procedural and object-oriented programming(OOP) methods and PDO(OOP only) and its prepared statements. In the second part, we'll...

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