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Keyword density checker (SEO tool)

This tool was designed to make content analysis based on keyword queries. Only requirement is Python 3x and a .txt input file. Basic code is explained here.

Features of the current version (v0.02):

- Reads the content from a text file

- Trims all the special signs and line breaks that come with text before processing

- No word filter

- Option to save the output to a file

- Analyzing multiple word query (up to 4 words)

- Keeps consistency of words in multiple word query construct

The last feature is pretty easy to understand. For example, if letters a, b, c, d are words and we have 2 word query, it would go with (a b), (b c), (c d) and in 3 word query it would go (a b c), (b c d). It means that literally nothing is skipped.


File: keydensity.zip
Licence: MIT
Last update: 24.11.2017




In the latest update, an option to save the results to a file was included as well as option to make a 4 words query analysis.